What is [ui!] COCKPIT?

[ui!] COCKPIT is the complete smart city dashboard and visualisation tool. It is the tool to view the status updates and key performance indicators of all your data sources. Data from a variety of infrastructures and technologies can be shown including air quality, traffic, micro-mobility, charge point management, parking, waste, flooding and many more.

The [ui!] COCKPIT is an advanced and configurable visualising tool which combines dashboard and map views. For example, the map view shows the location of your sensors or devices and their relevant data such as a Red/Amber/Green status or heat map for traffic flow or air quality. In addition to the map view there is a dashboard view which provides a summary view of key information in an attractive and easy to view format made up of ‘Tiles’. We provide an extensive catalogue of both dashboard and map designs and our experienced graphic design team will work with you to find the right design for your needs.

Our key features

  • [ui!] COCKPIT turns smart data into new insights and information
    • building on the [ui!] UrbanPulse urban data platform DIN SPEC 91357 (limited to COCKPIT functionality, this can be expanded through purchase of a full licence)
    • integrate up to eight display modules (tiles) from the [ui!] Tile catalogue
    • see the status of data sources on a map view
  • sharing the smart data so stakeholders can create value
    • the data can be shared in two ways:
    • share insights using our [ui!] COCKPIT dashboard via a unique URL
    • share the data itself via an open API
  • other features:
    • live event-stream
    • historical representation
    • logo customisation
    • COCKPIT background dark or light
    • display in two languages
    • .CSV download option

Live [ui!] COCKPITs

Main Use Cases

  • Local Authority sharing status of sensors with stakeholders
    • Easily share your data with the general public to show the status of services
    • Share the data with the operations team to improve uptime of sensors
  • Utility/construction companies
    • Bring Lora Wan data together and present it in an appealing way
    • Connect to back-end systems
  • Ports and airports
    • Bring all your data sources together into one dashboard
    • One place to give insight into every aspect of your operations

Kings Oak Cockpit Mockup

Figure 1 - [ui!] COCKPIT dashboard view

ui COCKPIT map view

Figure 2 - [ui!] COCKPIT map view

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