[ui!] Group and water utility Gelsenwasser partnership increases city data

The [ui!] Group has entered into a strategic partnership with Gelsenwasser AG to jointly make cities, districts and regions more liveable and to help counteract climate change.

Many local authorities are facing an enormous transformational task: how do they address climate change while enhancing the quality of life for its residents?

[ui!] and Gelsenwasser see the development of connected cities and regions as a vital answer to this question and this understanding forms the basis of the strategic partnership.

Lutz Heuser, CEO [ui!] Group, is looking forward to the strategic partnership: "Gelsenwasser AG is one of the leading utility specialists for water, wastewater and sustainable infrastructure in Germany. They will enable [ui!] to offer needs-based solutions not only to communities but also to utilities and waste management companies, thus addressing a new market segment."

Many challenges can be solved by improving the use of existing local utility data, supplemented by local authority sources of community and city information. Gelsenwasser is driving forward the digitalisation of its own infrastructures and supports partner local authorities in their own digitalisation projects. Together with [ui!], these projects will develop the leading data infrastructure for cities, districts and regions.

The [ui!] Group is considered one of the pioneers and drivers of the European smart city movement and has successfully implemented many ground-breaking projects since its foundation in 2012. [ui!] is also a pioneer of the Smart City Forum, the largest German specialist city network.

Joint pilot project underway

[ui!] and Gelsenwasser are already working together on a pilot project in Gelsenkirchen. This integrates multifunctional street lighting, parking space monitoring, traffic counting and environmental data management into a holistic system. Data is collected, via sensors, stored and analysed using artificial intelligence tools, enabling processes to be controlled in real-time.

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