This is why you should combine all your data sensors into one platform

  • Every data type has its strengths

There is a reason you have all your sources of data – although you may have forgotten! Each type brings its own unique insight and is worth monitoring. From waste to parking to air quality, these things should be monitored and kept track of. Having an urban data platform means you can view all these sources in one place.

  • Take advantage of specialised applications

Every type of application has a specific purpose and functionalities that are often underutilised. An urban data platform, such as UrbanPulse, does the work of analysing all the insights for you and puts it in one convenient location that can be shared.

  • Reduce data complexity

Not all the data from all your sources will be relevant to you. As a result, you will want to quickly look at the metrics that matter to you and your organisation. These metrics can be chosen in any data platform worth their salt.

  • Increase the value of data through unified systems

Keeping data in their siloes and away from each other limits the knowledge and insights you can gain. By bringing all meaningful data into one platform you will be able to make decisions and see outcomes based across your data sources, not on a one by one basis. You may also find out other positive and negative benefits you had not anticipated because of the actions you take.

  • Make data more available

Putting all your data into one platform allows the platform to become a central place where everyone in your organisation can see it. This will result in more collaboration and communication between departments looking to implement policies if they notice it has an impact on other areas. Expect more eureka moments or water cooler innovation.

  • Easy data collaboration

Following on from the point before, not only will all the data be in one place, but the right data and analysis will be there. This will remove the time taken to analyse data sets and come to conclusions and instead allow teams to work on solutions to meet the desired outcomes.

  • Data integrity

If more people are keeping their eyes on the data and what it is showing, more errors and inconsistencies can be found. For example, if a sensor is playing up and is part of a key metric in the urban data platform, someone will notice quickly and be able to report this to the necessary party to fix.

  • Make your data live

UrbanPulse lets you view real-time and historic data so you can know what is happening now and what has happened in the past and when. Further allowing you to find faults and fix problems in record time while showing your progress to date.

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